Canine Bed Bug Detection Services


Just about any place the edge of your business card can fit into, bed bugs can hide!! Client lifestyle habits will help provide the information we need to determine the scope and location of our bed bug searches.

• Do you travel extensively?
• When you return home, where do you place luggage to unpack?
• Where do you keep empty luggage?
• Have your children recently attend camp?
• Do you employ people inside the home? (ie: housekeeper or nanny)
• Do your children participate in sleepovers?
• Do you take public transit on a regular basis?

Canine Detection is Accurate

It saves time, and it saves money. With the increased focus on green pest management and integrated pest management, bed bug detection dogs are gaining popularity in North America. Dogs are a safer alternative to pesticide use as a management strategy. Foxy can show us exactly where bed bugs are located, which can then, in turn, minimize the area that needs to be sprayed.

Dogs smell in parts per trillion, something a human cannot do, and detect bed bugs through all life cycle phases from eggs to nymphs to adults. Bed bug detection dogs are a viable and scientifically-proven alternative to traditional methods of pest detection. Bed bug detection is complicated by the fact that the insects can hide almost anywhere. Bed bug detection dogs solve this problem because they are small and agile, finding bugs in places humans cannot such as wall voids, crevices and furniture gaps. With the increase in global travel and shared living accommodations, bed bugs have become more prevalent.

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